• Design Solutions

    Hand Painted Studio offers design solutions through the entire cycle of your customer's engagement. Brand-focused culture anthropological direction and focus.

    Great Ideas

    What good are your great ideas unless you apply them? What if you need a team to bring those ideas to life and deliver those ideas? This is where Hand Painted Studio can help.

    Let's Make It

    Beautiful branding and functional design delivered.

    The Brand

    Communicate your brand with your voice. We help process your ideas and develop them into engaging content.

    The Design

    There’s structure to everything in life. We offer a visual structure for your brand and marketing needs.

    The Delivery

    It’s no secret, design-conscious companies gain a faster and stronger brand loyalty and value when they deliver their content to their customers in a strategically designed medium.

    The Crew

    People driven for your success.

    Matthew Lantz


    Our people & Culture

    Here at HPS, we have more than just passion for our careers. We live in our specialties day in and day out.

    in the Studio

    Banding, design, marketing, we live it not just produce it.

    Evelia Lantz

    Accountant/Media Coordinator

    Get Started

    Start something great today! Get your marketing rolling with Hand Painted Studio.

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